Example Rehabilitation Sessions
The rehabilitation trainer will discuss the client’s case with Clare and adapt each session to the client’s needs, below are some examples.
Aggression towards other dogs.
  1. By setting up stooge visits with our own dogs, which are trained not to react to another dog and have good communication skills, we can give your dog a head start in the learning process. We will show you how to turn everyday situations into opportunities for your dog to learn. These sessions also allow owners to build up their own confidence and learn what to do when they encounter another dog on a walk, how best to stay relaxed and in full control of the situation.
Aggression towards people.
  1. Using ourselves as stooge visitors, postmen, people walking along the street, we can show you how to handle situations where your dog might react inappropriately. Our understanding of dog behaviour and communication allows us to remain in control of the situation so as not to push the dogs to the point where they feel the need to show aggressive behaviour. We will explain your dog’s body language and emotion to you, to enable you to retain control of your dog and continue to work to alter their behaviour.
Other examples include chase behaviour, car travel etc.
A rehabilitation session will set your dog up to succeed giving it a head start in its learning. You will be walked through what you need to do in everyday situations and how to make sure that both you and your dog succeed. We will go through all those situations that have so far daunted you so that you are prepared for whatever could happen next.