Dog Rehabilitation Training
After the initial consultation, which primarily involves determining a diagnosis and designing a treatment plan, many clients benefit greatly from follow-up assistance with the practical implementation of the advice they have been given. 
A rehabilitation session involves a two pronged approach:
  1. (1)We set up real life scenarios in such a way that your dog will succeed and behave appropriately, giving them a kick start in the learning process.
  2. (2)We address the situations you dread dealing with on a daily basis because of the way your dog has reacted. You will learn how to turn them around so that they become learning opportunities.
Through rehabilitation sessions owners typically find they are:
  1. more relaxed when dealing with their dog in normal situations
  2. able to read their dog’s body language, and so avoid putting their dog in a situation it is uncertain about.
  3. happier to turn everyday situations into learning scenarios, quickening the learning process.
Clients who have rehabilitation sessions are more likely to succeed and do so at a faster rate than those who don’t. The sessions help people to feel more confident in tackling the everyday situations which have become so stressful, and turn them into learning opportunities.