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I am Clare Wilson, a Veterinary Surgeon and Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist based in Warwickshire.

I work with clients whose animals are experiencing behaviour problems, to enable them to help their pets to lead happier lives.

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Why choose me?

The behaviour profession is not currently under statutory regulation which sadly results in many clients seeking advice from inappropriate sources.  When choosing an animal behaviourist, it is crucial to ensure that they are appropriately qualified and experienced so as to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet.  

As a veterinary surgeon and an ASAB Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (dogs) you can be assured of independent accreditation of my education and experience in this field.  

Our pets are our family which makes their emotional well-being a top priority.  I endeavour to listen empathically to my clients to meet their specific needs through designing an individually tailored behaviour modification programme.

ABTC Registered Veterinary BehaviouristInternational Association of Animal Behaviour ConsultantFellowship of Animal Behaviour CliniciansASAB Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Home Visit Consultations


First consultations are most commonly face-to-face for dogs, generally by home visit, to enable me to make a thorough assessment of the situation and to make an accurate diagnosis.

However, since COVID-19 restrictions, there has been a significant increase in dogs experiencing difficulties coping with visitors. In these cases, I may advise an initial consultation via remote video link with a follow-up face-to-face visit 2-4 weeks later. Home visits are preferable for cats and parrots, but I do also offer remote video consultations for these species.

A key component of the consultation involves education to help you to understand how your pet is feeling and why and how animals learn. This enables you to have the tools to help your pet through effective implementation of management and training.

Cat Behaviourist based in Warwickshire


Animal Behaviourist in Warwickshire

Lola & Cleo

Appointments last for two hours and involve a thorough history taking, an in-depth discussion into why your pet has developed the problems and how a behavioural modification programme can be used to resolve the issues..

The behavioural modification programme will aim to alter your animal’s motivations and perceptions.  This is done through reward-based methods.  Aversive techniques are never recommended as they not only compromise your relationship with your pet, they can often result in an escalation of problem behaviours.

Animal Behaviourist in Rugby

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Bon Bon

Following your home visit, you will be emailed a typed report (usually sent within 2 weeks of your appointment) and also be provided with 3 months of support through email contact.

Behavioural modification is unfortunately a slow process, and it is vital that you realise this before making an appointment.  In order to alter your pet’s behaviour a significant amount of time and effort will be required.

Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist based in Rugby


Clare Wilson Veterinary SurgeonClare Wilson Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist

How to arrange an appointment

Please ask your vet to refer you, I will then email you to arrange a consultation.

Appointments are primarily on weekday mornings but I do have occasional afternoon and weekend appointments available.

Follow-up appointments

Some clients benefit from further face-to-face support to help with practical aspects, for example using set-up situations to create an optimum learning environment.

For animals who are prescribed behaviour modifying medication a follow-up consultation will be advised, although sometimes video footage can be sufficient.

Follow-up appointments are also offered via video call where required and appropriate.

Clinic appointments

For small breed dogs who live outside the area that I travel to and specifically require a veterinary behaviourist, I do offer some clinic appointments depending on the suitability of the patient and the presenting problems.  Please enquire via the contact form should you be interested in this service.

Insurance cover

As a veterinary surgeon and an ASAB Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB), many pet insurance companies cover the fees of a consultation with me.  Please check your individual policy for details.  

If you do wish to claim from your pet's insurance policy, please be aware that payment must be made by you at the time of the consultation.  I can then submit a claim form to your insurance company to arrange reimbursement.

Clare Wilson Veterinary SurgeonCertificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist Clare Wilson

Prescribing of medication

Some cases, particularly those involving compulsive disorders or serious anxiety issues, require adjunctive psychoactive medication to help the pet to be able to learn.

As a vet, I will be able to discuss this with you, determine the most appropriate medication based on my diagnosis and arrange for this to be dispensed by your own veterinary surgery.

About me

I qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Cambridge University in 2001. After graduating I worked in mixed practices in the Welsh borders and Warwickshire whilst pursuing my lifelong interest in psychology by completing the postgraduate course at Southampton University in ‘Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling’, graduating in 2006.  

As well as being a qualified veterinary surgeon I am an ASAB Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist. I am a certificated member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians and the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants and an ABTC Registered Veterinary Behaviourist.  In addition to offering behaviour consultations, I locum as a general practice vet and provide Continuing Professional Development to the veterinary profession.  

I live near Rugby with my partner, two sons, three dogs, two cats, a pony, a miniature horse, an incredible parrot, five rats and many chickens and fish.  

I believe that the relationship between an owner and their pet is critical to the happiness of both, and I aim through my work to improve the quality of life for both owner and pet.

Clare Wilson Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist in Warwickshire


As there is a significant interplay between physical and emotional health, I work entirely on veterinary referral.  If you are a referring vet and wish to refer a case, please fill in the contact form.

If you are a pet owner, please ask your vet to refer you.

Please only use the contact form if you are a veterinary surgeon within mid-Warwickshire. The areas I primarily cover are Coventry, Rugby, Kenilworth, Southam, Warwick and Leamington Spa.

Unfortunately I cannot respond to enquiries out of the geographical area which I cover or to enquiries directly from clients.

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